Services and Charge

Physiotherapy Services

Standard screening assessment $100
(Can be redeemed on standard treatment session)
Standard physiotherapy session (One body part) $700-900
Standard physiotherapy sessions (Two bodies part) $900-1300
Standard physiotherapy sessions (Two bodies part) $480
($80 discounted if shockwave therapy + standard physiotherapy service)
Physiotherapy (Home sevice) $1500-2000 (Actual fee is subjected to district)
Orthotics (One pair) $1500 (including one foot assessment session)
Health talk/ workshop Upon discussion

Therapeutic Massage Services

Duration Duration
Massage service Minimum 45 mins/ session, Also 60/ 90 mins/ session    Min. charge $300
Pre/ post-natal care

(including ultrasound therapy if needed)

60mins/ session $680/session
Home service:$800-$1,600
(varies by district)

Professional exercise class and Personal Training

Foam Roller exercise class $800/ 2 sessions (1 hr/ session, foam roller inclusive)
Conditioning exercises class (Max 6 ppl) $1600/  4 sessions (1.5/ session)
MBCT yoga class $1500/  6 sessions (1.5 hr/ session)
1 to 1 personal training $800/ 1 hr

Integrated Body-Mind Rehabiliation (Clinical psychology, Speech therapy, Occupation therapy)

Please call 2244-6614 or WhatsApp 6604-4966 for service details and charges

Medical insurance

Q: Is physiotherapy services covered by medical insurance?


HP: Under normal circumstance, medical insurance, accidental insurance or travel insurance

Would cover your fees of physiotherapy service, yet, we still suggest you to confirm the policy

Details with your insurance agent.

Q: What do I need to bring along on the first consultation?


HP: Please bring 1) a valid physiotherapy referral from a recognized medical doctor, 2) HKID or

Passport and 3) X-ray or MRI report(s) if any. Please check the valid date of your referral from

Your insurer, normally accepting from 1 month to half year.

Q: Is my physiotherapy referral still valid if it is not heading to your clinic?


HP: Your referral will be valid when it was referred for physiotherapy services and

was issued by a recognized medical doctor. Please notice the valid date.

Q: Can you help me to write the claims documents?


HP: In most situations, your claims documents were written by registered medical doctor, yet,

in some situations, physiotherapist would do as well. Please check with your insurer.

Q: Do I need a referral letter if I am using my company medical insurance.


HP: If you are using medical cards, you will have to present a valid medical card

AND a valid referral for physiotherapy.